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Sweet Summer Farm


Our Story

We are Sweet Summer Farm, a family-run farm established in Batesville, Georgia. We offer a variety of classes and products located on our beautiful farm in the heart of the North Georgia mountains

Our Team

Julie Baldwin


Julie grew up on a farm down in Macon, GA. Later, as an adult she still continued to help her father garden on that same farm. Meanwhile,  she had two children, taught continuing education classes for the University of Georgia System, and owned her own business named "Mother's Garden." There she sold herbal products, gourmet foods, and gift baskets. Later, she moved up to the Appalachian Mountains and continued to garden and preserve food in her new home. Owning the farm has been a dream since she left Macon and she now works to create a sustainable future for her family.

Jennifer Baldwin


Jennifer received her degree in Early Childhood Education in 1997 from Mercer University. Then in 2005, she received her Masters Degree from Western Carolina University. In the meantime, she had three children and has always been an avid gardener. She is a cook and has been able to preserve her own food for a number of years. Working the farm has been a lifelong dream of creating a sustainable future for her and her children.